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Toys In The 90s



15 Reasons Why Toys In The 90s Were Just Plain Better

1. You couldn't wait until summer:

2. This was a thing, a glorious, glorious thing:

3. You learned important stress management skills:

4. Board games let you taste the future:

5. Smaller was better:

Source: 90s-life.com

6. You could travel to the moon without leaving your backyard:

Source: 90s-life.com

7. It was okay to get messy:

8. Vehicles shot pizza:

Source: criminology

9. You learned to live on the edge:

Source: imstuckinthe90s

10. The Power Rangers were still relevent:

Source: 90skid.com

11. Product placement actually worked:

12. Your toys could fit in your pocket:

13. Beating up your friends was socially acceptable:

14. You learned how to be responsible:

Source: vintagesouls-

15. There were only 151 pokemon:

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01/11/2013 2:07PM
Toys In The 90s
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