6 rules for a better Halloween
Trick-or-treating and dressing in costume have been Halloween traditions for a good long time now, but it seems we're still struggling to get it right.
Capital murder defendant James Calvert back in court, 2 years to the date of the murder he's accused of
It was two years ago on this date that James Calvert's ex-wife Jelena Sriraman was gunned down outside her home in Tyler.

Friday Weather- Sunny, high upper 60's
East Texas (KYTX)- Happy TGIF and Halloween!Cooler weather is in store for us today with highs only reaching the upper 60's. 
Panola County sheriff reveals some evidence to Nugent family, fight for more continues
The family of Marjorie Nugent took another small step toward its goal Friday of putting Bernie Tiede back in prison. Tiede has been free ever since he convinced a judge he killed Marjorie in 1996 due to years of emotional abuse.
Haunted jail house scares the public for a good cause
PALESTINE (KYTX) - Halloween is coming to a close, and some people in Palestine are finding themselves in jail."The Haunted Little Jail." This is the first year the month long event has been held. CBS 19's Katiera Winfrey was there and shows us what it's like to be "locked in fear."